Game is currently under development!

Current progress; 10.0%


?/?/14; Untitled to be remade now in unity.

?/?/14; Untitled menu successfully made.

?/?/15; Untitled to be remade now in Source.

?/?/15; Untitled GDD started.

?/?/15; Untitled Verified to never be remade again and Source engine to be used.

?/?/15; Untitled GDD finished.

8/14/16; Menu finished, Sector 6 under development

9/26/16;Characters going into blender, far from completion.

11/16/16; Maps have been plotted out; Kroy suit to be based from the HEV suit from half life with some iterations. ALPHA to be created, standard AI programming not yet built.

3/09/17; Game has been officially confirmed, and is top priority. Closed alpha release is unknown. Kroy suit is now unique design, a schematic is to be released in some time.