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-NAME CENSORED- is currently under development!

Our current progress; 8.2%


9/26/16; Began GDD, Character Development and Weapons to be made.

10/5/16; Some guns already taken into blender, far from completion.

11/10/16; GDD almost complete, Third party developers in creation.

12/3/16; Supremacy map “Gettysburg” Develop begun. First player model “Scout” Under development as well. Not close to any closed beta, but it is possible. Team flag Design begun As well.

TEAMS; Blue – New Human Order              Red – Privateers               Green – Pure Cyteras              Yellow – Assimilation Society

3/09/17; Companies have been revisioned, due to private review complaints, replaced with a more memorable object, teams are still the same, new armor models have been revisioned except for Scout model, which has been renamed to S.C.U. Game has not been confirmed, but will most likely be.

8/17/17: Loadouts have been completely removed from the game, and now its all class based. The SCU is now renamed to be as the “TrailBlazer” He has the same abilities of SCU but is armed with a revolver. There is about a 30 player cast. A campaign has be determined, and the First Person Perspective model is almost 100% finished, and is going to be textured. Gettysburg is being replaced with a new map “Times Square” Its a larger map, but is also more complex and detailed.

8/22/17: All characters are starting to be modeled, one character “Static” is already being textured.

8/23/17: Almost all characters have been designed and undergoing modeling. Concept art will be uploaded soon of the ‘Trailblazer’ and the ‘Enforcer’. Currently undergoing a process to determine a composer for the creators soundtrack. If none are available, we will resort to non copyright music.


Player “Static” has undergone massive modeling work, and we will soon begin  applying textures to all models. Times Square has all BSP and lighting imported, props and buildings to be added, and then photos will be uploaded as a separate post and to this page. Layout plans from the actual City.


ALL 30 characters are now under development and being modeled, and their 1st person high poly perspectives about to be underway too. I’m going to attempt to find a higher resolution texture online (Perhaps from Poliigon or maybe substance painter) and im soon going to start adding in props which either will be modeled personally or taken from other sources.