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-NAME CENSORED- is currently under development!

Our current progress; 7.9%


9/26/16; Began GDD, Character Development and Weapons to be made.

10/5/16; Some guns already taken into blender, far from completion.

11/10/16; GDD almost complete, Third party developers in creation.

12/3/16; Supremacy map “Gettysburg” Develop begun. First player model “Scout” Under development as well. Not close to any closed beta, but it is possible. Team flag Design begun As well.

TEAMS; Blue – New Human Order              Red – Privateers               Green – Pure Cyteras              Yellow – Assimilation Society

3/09/17; Companies have been revisioned, due to private review complaints, replaced with a more memorable object, teams are still the same, new armor models have been revisioned except for Scout model, which has been renamed to S.C.U. Game has not been confirmed, but will most likely be.

6/20/17; A new, simpler rework has been designed for __________. New model “Impact” In design. Below is a very premature render of the characters upper torso head and rear facing cannon.

Also, the rework of Gettysburg has been redone, and below is icons for all the classes.