Arcane is the story that inspired Babylon Above, and includes a lot of the backstories of the characters, and that is what first created a lot of the heroes for the game. Babylon Above was a test program to increase my game making skills as preparation for UNTITLED. Originally, I had no plans whatsoever to make a game of it, but I figured since there was a lot of characters and lots of gameplay that was available.

Below is a preview of the book, right now I have about twenty pages, (Standard size, 8.5 x 11, 11 point font, single spaced) this is not the first chapter, but its one of the beginning chapters.

All around him, there was an enormous tundra. Snow sheeted the ground, and it did not seem to be another sector, but another planet. The old man had snow going right up to his knees, but trudging through it was no problem at all, whereas for him, he struggled to even lift his foot off of the ground. “Welcome to my humble abode.” The man said, while this was not exactly a place to have one. “Might I ask where your ‘humble abode’ even is?” The old man turned to him and pointed to the sky. Unlike other planets, this planet had two moons. The painting on the wall came back to him. UNSERATOS, THE SHADOW PLANET. The painting had two moons on it, and was as icy and desolate as that of the painting. “We are on… Unseratos?” The man softly and slowly nodded. Pleasantly giving a kind smile. “I see you are quite observant. You saw the painting.” He turned again and walked in the darkness, the only illumination coming from the distant stars.